Condo Hotels Offer Means to Invest in Dubai, World’s Fastest Growing City

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I’d bought land in Orlando pre-Disney?” Or how about, “I wish I owned a piece of The Strip in Las Vegas?” Just imagine where you’d be today if only you could have foreseen the future of these exciting cities.

Well don’t give up now. It’s not too late for all real estate investment opportunities. The trick is just to find the next Orlando or Las Vegas and invest now.


So where’s today’s best opportunity? It’s a little-known city that is rapidly becoming the shining star of the Middle East – Dubai.

Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates, and it’s been noted as the fastest-growing city on the planet. In fact, it has all the makings of a blockbuster success of epic proportions. Here are a few of the accomplishments and projects underway that are helping to put this city on the map:

· Burj Al-Arab – The only seven-star hotel in the world

· Burj Dubai – Tallest tower in the world

· Mall of Arabia – Largest shopping mall in the world

· Palms Jebel Ali – Two largest manmade islands, with resorts
and entertainment venues, just off the Dubai coast

· Dubailand – A collection of six ultra-modern theme parks including 45 mega-projects and 200 entertainment projects in development designed to create a tourism venue nearly three times the size of all of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

· Jebel Ali Port – Largest manmade port in the world

· Sky-walk – Longest foot bridge in the world

· World-class Sporting Events – Dubai World arabian desert Cup (the world’s richest horse race), Dubai Desert Classic (Golf) and Dubai Rugby Sevens

· Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) – Proposed financial hub for the entire Middle East

· Dubai’s Airport – Expansion underway to be able to handle 45 million passengers a year by 2018.

· Tax Incentives – 100% tax-free business environment


You can participate in Dubai’s growth. Consider investing in one of its to-be-built, five-star condo hotels. Available now are pre-construction opportunities to purchase condos hotel units in Dubai. And Americans, Europeans and Asians are all jumping at the opportunity.

You are essentially purchasing a luxurious hotel suite (studio, one-, two- or three-bedrooms), and as an owner you’ll share in any revenue that hotel unit generates.

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